Motherhood Stories June 2018

The Start of Something New

A visual and written collection of motherhood shared by mothers across the globe

We are excited to begin a collaboration with a wonderful group of mothers and artists from across the globe. Artifact Motherhood is  a collection of images, thoughts, and words that are all compiled for our children… to share our children’s stories through our eyes, and to share our own joys and struggles of motherhood. To leave a small trail of crumbs through our lives and through theirs, so that they may one day follow it and collect the pieces, to get a glimpse back at how both our journeys were beautifully intertwined. Through this blog circle we will link to each others blogs every couple of months and share our experiences of motherhood. Each of us are in different countries, different cultures and different stages of our lives and our children’s lives but we share the need to pass along memories, moments, and feelings to our children. We hope you enjoy reading through the circle and experiencing motherhood through our eyes. Click on the images below to take you to the artist’s story.

Ann Bloom
Ann Bloom United Kingdom
Min M
Min Mohd Malaysia
Carla M
Carla Monge United Kingdom
Diana H
Diana Hagues United Kingdom
Hollie S-
Hollie Stokes United States
Shanda P
Shanda Petersen United States
Lauren W
Lauren Webster United States
Gia Q
Gia Queiroz Brazil



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